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Puppy & Kitten Exams

Puppy and Kitten Exams

Congratulations on your new family member! There are a number of important steps to getting your puppy or kitten situated, and one of your first steps is to visit us for a puppy or kitten exam.

We recommend you schedule your first visit within seven days of bringing your new pet home. It is not uncommon for young animals to have parasites, and we’ll want to address those right away. Please bring a fresh stool sample to this visit. We will also examine your pet for orthopedic, cardiac, or other congenital problems.

Now that your pet has been weaned, he or she is no longer receiving immunity from mother’s milk. Youngsters in general also have less developed immune systems, so we will want to begin vaccines.

Vaccines are given in a series, generally every three or four weeks, throughout kitten- or puppyhood. As your pet approaches adulthood, we will recommend an ongoing vaccination protocol for the adult years based on your pet’s risks and lifestyle.

We will counsel you on puppy or kitten nutrition to fuel their healthy growth. Let’s also commit to starting other good lifelong health habits, such as exercise, tooth brushing, and coat, nail, and ear care. We can advise on that, as well as how to kitten or puppy proof your home. We can also answer questions about training and behavior.

Please call us to schedule your puppy or kitten’s first exam and consider signing up for training. We can help you to handle that frisky youngster!

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