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Wellness Exam & Preventative Care

Wellness Exam and Preventative Care

Your pet deserves a lifetime of good health. From puppy or kitten hood, through adulthood, to your pet’s senior years, we provide premium care.

To help ensure your pet’s health and longevity, we advocate annual wellness exams. As in human medicine, preventive care helps protect your pet against serious illness. Regular dental care, vaccinations, the control of parasites through routine fecal testing, and a well-balanced diet are key elements for the prevention of disease. Pets age more rapidly than we do, so regularly scheduled wellness exams are very important for your pet’s overall quality of life.

What to Expect at a Grand Park Animal Hospital Wellness Exam

  • Vaccinations, as needed

  • Weight check  (nutritional counseling or weight management consulting as needed)

  • Skin and coat examination

  • Nose, ears, and eyes check

  • Complete oral exams

  • Lung and heart check through stethoscope (for any abnormal sounds)

  • Yearly heartworm test

  • Blood or other lab tests, as needed

  • Palpation for lumps or masses
    Laboratory testing for early detection of changes in health status is an important means to diagnose blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, infection, cancer, thyroid disease, and other hormonal problems.

  • Pet Health Can Change Rapidly
    Because of their shorter life span, a pet’s health can change quickly. The gradual onset of disease in seemingly healthy pets can often go unnoticed. Many conditions are treated more effectively when diagnosed early and the progression of the condition can be slowed significantly. For that reason, do not put off regular wellness exams or pass up opportunities for preventive screening.

  • Senior Wellness
    Today’s pets are living longer than ever. With increased life spans the potential for age-related illness also increases. Recent studies indicate that 20% of cats and dogs over the age of seven have serious undetected medical conditions. For that reason, we will want to see your senior pet twice a year for wellness exams and will likely recommend additional laboratory testing and screenings. We want your senior pet to enjoy great health and comfort!

Is your pet due for a wellness exam? If so, be sure to give us a call to get it scheduled.

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