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Domestic & International

Health Certificates

Domestic and International Health Certificates

Pet Health Certificate and Travel Exam Services Include:

  • USDA-Accredited Veterinarians

  • Health Certificates/Travel Examinations and Documents  (Domestic and International)

  • Microchip Implantation

  • Rabies Vaccination

  • Rabies Titer Testing

Many of our clients travel with their cats and dogs and we are here to help make sure all the steps are taken in preparation for travel. Traveling in the United States is usually a simple procedure requiring a recent health certificate and a statement of vaccination, especially rabies vaccination. Make sure to check with your airline for any special requirements. Traveling overseas with your dog or cat can have more extensive requirements depending on the country to which you are traveling. Most countries have imposed stricter entry requirements on pet travel, usually requiring a USDA Health Certificate and a current rabies vaccination as a minimum. Many countries also now require international microchip identification and some require blood testing for rabies antibodies or recent parasite prevention.

For a list of pet travel requirements by country, go to the USDA website and select the first letter of the country you plan to visit.

If you plan travel with your pet, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help you with the proper cat or dog travel exam and documents. 

Before scheduling your pet’s next trip, check that state or foreign country’s health requirements

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